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Released:  April 2021

Dream Demon REcordings

Everything you were ever afraid of.

In celebraton of Neverworld's 10 year journey "Everything You Ever Were Afraid Of" is a Collection of previously unreleased, Never before heard original material recorded over the last decade. - including - Demos, B-Sides, Instrumentals, live recordings and unfinished studio tracks

1. Nightmares of Neverworld 

2. Legions 

3. Return of the Dog 

4. Sane Asylum  *instrumental

5. The Stand  *instrumental

6. The People Show 

7. Legions  *instrumental

8. You Are Mine 

9. Armies of the Night (live) 

10. They Live (live) 

11. The Thing from Another World 

12. The Lost and the Damned

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