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CD Cover ArtWork - Dreamsnatcher (2015).

"Neverworld remind us all of what heavy metal is all about. At a time when we seem fixated on the next big subgenre or the ‘scene’, here is a band that have metaphorically stuck two fingers up and said, ‘we just want to rock’. And for that, Neverworld should be applauded..."

Neverworld – Dreamsnatcher – Album Review

BY MANOFMUCHMETAL, posted on March 21, 2016

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"The production on the album is rather competent, and each instrument is rather audible. The album is inundated with traditional riffs, lofty guitar solos, and admirable organ pieces. The organ bit was a surprise, as most traditional Heavy Metal acts tend to stay away from using the instrument in their sound. But I thought, it complimented their sound wonderfully and added a new dimension to the music... it is a great record to listen to and it provides you with enough places to headbang! This is a great record and the band should be definitely proud of it."

Neverworld -Dreamsnatcher - Album review

By VR, posted on November 24, 2016

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 "If you dig guitar-driven traditional heavy metal, bristling with riffage and roaring with solos, then Neverworld's Dreamsnatcher is waiting for you. Recommended."

Neverworld - Dreamsnatcher- Album Review

by Craig Hartranft, Danger, Posted December, 2, 2016

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"For over thirty years, self proclaimed kings of metal Manowar, have delivered some of the best majestic mid tempo anthemic stomps ever, and Neverworld are following in their foot steps. Only time will tell if they have what it takes to emulate Manowar, but with songs such as ‘Passion Killers’ pounding and thumping its way through the airways, they certainly have, in their arsenal, some bombastic bombs. They can also deliver head banging, fast paced anthems too. In the shape of ‘Under The Asylum’ Neverworld have a song that will bang heads and raise fists in the air. With duelling guitars and a galloping rhythm, ‘Under The Asylum’ is a NWOBHM influenced romp. Majestic and long epic songs with an atmospheric intro is a trademark of British icons Iron Maiden, and Neverworld attempt these too. 

Charging out of the speakers with guitars buzzing like a chainsaw, everything that traditional British heavy metal stands for. Infectious and foot tappingly addictive"

Neverworld -Dreamsnatcher -Album Review

by Matthew Iron, Metal Gods TV, Posted December, 5 2016

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