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You have reached the mysterious domain of Neverworld..
The Creative outlet of the traditional heavy metal band, hailing from Hertfordshire, England. Combining a multitude of sounds and influences, their sound is powerful yet melodic, dark yet joyous but always delivered in their own unique way.

They have always been a completely independent band, which allows for full creative control, and a no compromise stance to their musical vision of creating something fresh in a well established genre.
With the Crowman still lurking in the darkness, a legion of new riffs, wailing solos and varied dynamics, teeming with otherworldly heavy metal sounds. Fans of the debut album can look forward to a much more refined approach and slicker production for future releases. Freshly brewed from the depths of Neverworld.. where all your nightmares come true!
Enough talk..
ladies and gentlemen Welcome to Neverworld.

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