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Pearl export

2 x 22" kick drums with EMAD batter heads

1 X 14" Mapex Panther Blade Snare drum with 360 hd batter head

1 X 10" Rack Tom

1 X 12" Rack Tom

1 X 13" Rack Tom

1 X 16" Floor Tom



Paiste PST 5 series

2 x set of 14" hi hats (4 cymbals in total)

2 x 16" Rock Crashes

2 x 18" Medium Crashes

1 X 18" China

1 X 20" Medium ride

2 x 10 Splashes

1 X 8" Splash

1 X 12" Sabina AAX Splash (folded inside out and stacked with one of the 10" Splash Cymbals)



1 x Tri head mapex double kick pedal (for single kick drum set up)

2 x Mapex Tornado kick pedals (for double kick drum set up)

Gear4music double drum rack system

Gibraltar hi hat stand

2 x mapex cymbal stands

1 X HP Envy Aspire laptop

1 X Yahama Steinberg UR824 Interface

1 X pair of Famedy in ear Monitors

Michael Vaughan- DRums

Quick fire question round


DOB: 30/06/1987

First Band: Jamrock



Nightwish - Once 
Gamma ray - No world Order

Children of Bodom - Hate Breeder


- The Thing



H.G. Wells - War of the Worlds 


Neverworld solo:
- Visions of another World 


Album cover from a band:
- Sonata Arctica - reckoning Night


Song from Neverworld:
- Other otherside of Midnight


Musical Influences:
- Aquiles Priester, Bruce Dickinson, Tarja Turunen, jukka nevalainen, Tobias Sammet


First concert ever seen:
- [Sponge]


What is your must-have travel item when you’re on tour?
- Flask filled with single malt scotch


What is your favorite part of the process when you’re recording or preparing to record an album?
- It could be a number of things but if I had to narrow it down I would say when I or another member of the band come up with a simple melody and then we all add our influences to it and slowly it becomes an epic score or soaring chorus or a catchy lead line. Amazing!

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