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Midnights Abyss.jpg

Released:  November 2021

Dream Demon REcordings

Midnights Abyss

Midnights Abyss is a limited edition special release single put together to proceed the first live shows of Neverworld's latest line-up. This followed covid related delays of the album The Otherside of Midnight. Rather than release a single track, Neverworld put together an accompaniment of extra material including an original bonus track and some alternate versions of tracks from the album. This was then put together with an epic three panel cover artwork and released in time for the first leg of their 2022 tour dates.

1. The Other Side of Midnight (single version) 

2. My Monster and I 

3. Call to the Fallen (acoustic)  

4. Into the Abyss (orchestral edit) 

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